5. “One time it was like a ‘you got bitches I got homies’ situation but then when me and my ‘bitches’ arrived he was with 2 other females…and he was wearing fingerless cotton gloves.”

4. “One time I went to a guy’s house to chill and watch a movie with his roommates and he was about 4 inches shorter than he said and he wouldn’t make eye contact with me or talk to me really and then after 40 minutes he was like ‘ok, I’m gonna go to bed’…but it took me 50 minutes to drive there so

3. “One guy was like ‘hey let’s share a fun fact about ourselves’ and I was like ‘oh. I used to be really into competitive speaking’ and he was like ‘cool. I’ve tried to kill myself 3 times.’”

2. “I was feeling pretty down and out in the love game so I decided to try out a Tinder date for once. I invited this guy I matched with over while my roommate and I were playing pong in our living room. When he got to my house he walked in, looked at me, and then said he had to ‘go pick up his friend’ and never came back.”

1. “After dinner we go back to his car and he's like, "do you wanna smoke weed?" I say nah. Low and behold HE STARTS SMOKING IN FRONT OF ME while I sit there silently. His eyes were getting reaaaaaalllly small and his head kept bouncing up and down. I asked him if he was okay and his response was to stick his tongue down my throat. Cute! He looked like he just took 18 shots and was about to fall over. That is the story of me driving my date home because he was too blazed to stay alive.”

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