How To Use: 

Steps to Use:

1. Tap the big 'Spree' button on your home screen [see first screenshot above], where you will enter the queue to be Paired Up with other users currently online based on your search settings. 

2. Once Spree has found another user that's online and falls within your search criteria - a screen will pop up [see second screenshot above] for 15 seconds with some brief information about the user you're about to have to chat with. You can tap on the Profile Picture to see multiple photos (tap on photos to scroll) during this time.

3. After 15 seconds is up, you will enter a chat screen for 120 seconds of Live Chat messaging with the other user [see 3rd screen above]. From there you can send messages to get to know each other better in a format that simulates the flow of conversation similar to meeting in-person for the first time. There is NO VIDEO in these chats! 

Note: you can tap profile icons within the chat thread to see multiple pictures in full screen and go back into sending messages seamlessly. 

4. If you both make it all the way through the 120 seconds, you will officially Match and will have a screen that appears giving you the option to either continue the current conversation in your Inbox, or to go back into the queue to chat with someone new. 

Our New Feature: You will notice that while you're in the queue awaiting to pair up for Live Chats, there is the option to Swipe through cards of other Spree users. This option makes it easier to initiate Live Spree Chats with users even if they aren't currently online or are in another conversation. 

So if you Swipe Right on them and they Swipe Right on you - You still haven't officially 'Matched', however, you will both appear on each others 'Interested' lists displaying at the bottom of your Home Page and Spree Chat Page. From there you can see if they're online (profile pic not faded) or offline (faded profile pic). If the user is online, you can tap their Profile Icon that will send a notification to initiate a 120 second Spree Chat. If they're offline you can tap the Profile Icon that will send a notification to the user to come back Online!